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Google Maps' My Maps is awesome for planning trips. You can locate tonnes just about everything, from popular scenic attractions, lookouts, landmarks, waterfalls, to man made attractions, such as museums, zoos, information centres to accomodation and restaurants and fuel stops. You can make driving routes, walking routes and biking route, and even add your own markers if you can't find it already on there and colour code them. The only downside; you can't use them offline. That's where MAPS.ME comes in. This map is invaluable, and not only does away with the inconvenience of a paper map, but you can zoom in and out to your hearts content and always know where you are and sometimes even spot a few things you couldn't find in your Google maps search and all you have to do is keep your device charged. And even better, it's completely free and can be used completely offline! Awesome for when you are out in the middle of yonderThe only downside I can see is that the colour tags you use in Google Maps does not transfer over to, but I found that of little inconvenience.

Download away!

MAPS.ME for Apple

MAPS.ME for Android


Installing MAPS.ME


1.     After creating/ logging into your Google account and personalising your My Map, (or you can use one of my maps if you like) click the three dots to the right of the name of your map.

2.     Select Export to KML. Do not check any boxes. Click Download.

3.    Open up your email and then send an attachment of the KML file to yourself.

4.     Make sure you have already downloaded MAPS.ME onto your device and then open your self sent email. 

5.      Tap the attachment to open it, and it will either open MAPS.Me automatically, or you can select it manually, and voila, you're good to go. 




I also recommend you download the WikiCamps app, which, although it is a paid app, is awesome for road trippers as it details caravan parks, places to camp, places and things to see, as well as parks, laundromats and all the things of the like as well as user comments, pictures and prices.. We often used it to find places to stay as we never knew where we were going to be. We also used it to see if there were any additional places to see that I hadn't already found or checked on my map. Like MAPS.ME, it is available for use completely offline

WikiCamps Australia for Apple

WikiCamps Australia for Android

WikiCamps Australia for Windows

I've linked the Australian ones but they have apps for a lot of other countries too. :)


Make sure you check all our apps, especially the map ones, offline before you leave. Don't want to be heading to Uluru and end up in the Kimberley's.


Let me know if you found these apps useful,  I'd love to hear from you. :)