Belinda Antonenko Photography | Brisbane To Canberra Via Sydney Map

 Brisbane To Canberra Via Sydney Roadtrip Map


37 days, 6000kms, 2 capital cities, several national highways, countless towns. Kilometres of epic scenery, dramatic cliffs, mountains, beaches, caves starting with early mornings, ending in late nights and a whole lot of in-between to navigate a whole lot of beautiful. This map details our epic coastal and country road trip journey through New South Wales and the ACT.


I haven't marked absolutely everything, but I have put all my favourite things that I saw, as well as a few other things, just because they were very nearby and well, you may as well, and I will be adding a lot of photos to it. The map doesn't have much in the way of paid attractions, such as museums, and stuff because those things aren't really my beat. I don't really like tours, and am much more of a nature nut, but I have marked a lot of stuff that might interest you if you dig those kind of things as well as other things that I only just discovered after editing this map. Everything is colour coded, and will hopefully be easy to navigate. :)


If you want to use this map (or any map you make on Goggle Maps) on your trip, make sure you download the MAPS.ME app on your phone or iPad which is free and can be used offline, then upload this map to it via your email, as Google maps can't be used offline. I found this out a coupe of days before we left and I'm so glad I found a solution to it. It was invaluable on our trip, and not only did we never need to use a paper map, we rarely got lost, and found lots of other little places that we would never have otherwise have found. The only downside was that the colour tags you use in Google Maps does not transfer over to, but I found that of little inconvenience.

MAPS.ME for Apple

MAPS.ME for Android

For help uploading the map to MAPS.ME, click here.


I also recommend you download the WikiCamps app, which, although it is a paid app, is awesome for road trippers as it details caravan parks, places to camp, places and things to see, as well as parks, laundromats and all the things of the like as well as user comments, pictures and prices.. We often used it to find places to stay as we never knew where we were going to be. We also used it to see if there were any additional places to see that I hadn't already found or checked on my map.

WikiCamps Australia for Apple

WikiCamps Australia for Android

WikiCamps Australia for Windows


Let me know if you found this map useful, or if there were any places I missed, or that you really enjoyed, or show me some pictures. I'd love to hear from you. :)


Happy travels,