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The stunningly beautiful Natural Arch at Springbrook National Park. This area is separate from the main area of the national park which is a dead end, but has many beautiful natural features, but the Natural Arch is located on the main road between the Advancetown Lake/ Hinze Dam in Queensland and Murwillumbah in New South Wales. The short and easy shady circuit takes in views from both sides from above as well being allowed to go inside the cave where the water falls in. Stay until night time and you'll be rewarded with tens of thousands of glowing lights which are glow worms feeding, though I thoroughly recommended going very late at night or early morning as there are many, many tourist tours that come for the glow worms on top of the regular visitors who illegally shine their torches inside and on the walls which inhibits the glow worms feeding cycles and causes them to dim their lights, which also ruins the experience for you. I'll definitely be going back at in the early hours when it's at it's quietest and darkest and hopefully bring back some pictures, but in the meantime, I recommend you visit there too. One of my favourite places. :)
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