Belinda Antonenko Photography

Terms And Conditions


Finalising your booking acknowledges that you have read and

accepted all Terms and Conditions.



  • A non refundable deposit of $50.00 must be made in order to secure a booking, which can either be done online through Zenfolio or in person, with the remainder being paid on the day, prior to the session, or,

  • A full payment can be made either through Zenfolio, or directly to me.

  • All deposits/bookings MUST be made AT LEAST 3 days in advance.

  • Deposits, payments, or outstanding payments made to me in person can only be paid in cash. Zenfolio allows for card and paypal payments.

  • Additional travel costs MUST be paid for together with the initial booking/deposit.

  • Longer sessions can be paid for on the day, given there is no other scheduled bookings it may overlap with.




  • All packages have a $50.00 cancellation fee as standard, which can not be refunded under any circumstances, unless due to a fault which is of the photographer/ equipment or weather and will only be refunded at the photographers discretion (Note: Deposits serve as the cancellation fee. You will not have two fees)

  • Cancellations or schedule changes must be received and acknowledged at least 48 hours prior to sessions.

  • If weather results in a cancellation, the customer can opt for a rescheduled session at no extra cost or request a full refund.

  • If I am forced to terminate a session due to any ILLEGAL/OFFENSIVE/DISRUPTIVE action/s which is a result of the client, refunds or reschedules of any kind will not be granted.

  • If, for any reason I am forced to terminate a session for any other reason which is my fault, customers can request a rescheduled session at no extra cost or request a full refund.

  • If you paid for additional travel and cancel or reschedule on the day of the shoot, and I have already started my journey there, you will not receive a refund for additional travel.



  • I reserve the right to disallow and reject any requests, whether it be prior/during/after to a booking, on a shoot or during the editing process, that I deem offensive, defamatory, discriminating, obscene, indecent, infringing, harassing, unlawful, dangerous or otherwise inappropriate.

  • Based on equipment, ability and other factors, I may not be able to meet your request.

  • While all efforts will be made to create a photograph of your liking, some images may not result in how you had envisioned them. This does not necessarily classify as an unsuccessful session.




  • Customers, particularly those who are booking CREATIVE or HALF AND HALF PACKAGES, are encouraged to submit requests to the photographer.

  • Requests should be made before booking, or at the very latest, two days before the shoot as more preparation is required.

  • Ongoing communication is recommended and perhaps illustrations provided to allow the photographer to get a good idea of what you would like.

  • Based on equipment and ability, the photographer may decline your request.



  • The maximum distance to a session location included in all packages is 50kms from Ipswich CBD.

  • Any locations exceeding that distance will incur a one off FEE of $20.00 for up to an extra 50kms. You must pay for the additional distance through Zenfolio by adding it to your cart.

  • If you are unsure if your location exceeds 50kms, please contact me.

  • Clients wanting sessions in Brisbane CBD may be declined due to parking issues and fees.

  • Please keep the distance of the session from the carpark to within 100m and on easy terrain due to the transportation of required equipment.



  • Session times do not include time required for setting up and packing up. Please allow an additional 30 minutes (approx) at the beginning and end of the session.

  • Sessions, subject to availability, can be extended at an ADDITIONAL HALF HOURLY CHARGE, and can be paid for on the day, in CASH, prior to the extension session starting.

  • Sessions MUST take place on one day and in one consecutive session, unless there is a reasonable basis for it to be cancelled or rescheduled such as weather. You cannot have half of your session on one day at one time then the remainder at another time or day.

  • While every effort will be made to photograph you in a safe environment, you acknowledge that no legal actions, claims or compensation will in any way be taken against me or my assistants for any instances of injuries and/or death whatsoever that may occur before, during or after your session.



  • Outdoor sessions may be subject to weather conditions, such as wind, snow, rain, hail and lightning and may be cancelled as a result. If I have deemed the weather unfit, you will be allowed to reschedule at no extra cost.


Client Responsibilities

  • Clients will have to sign a contract prior to the session starting, where they hereby agree to all Terms And Conditions.

  • If you form part of a company, you must disclose that you are as such prior to booking.

  • Please have your hair, makeup and clothes ready prior to the session beginning.

  • Customers are welcome to bring props and/ or other items they may wish to include in their photos.

    • Please advise me prior to the session day of which props you wish to incorporate into your photos. I reserve the right to reject any props/ items which I deem to be illegal, oversized, indecent, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

    • Anything you bring will be fully and solely your responsibility and I will not be liable for any damaged or missing items that may result.

  • If you wish to have your session on or with private property (this includes brands for company photo sessions, unless you own that brand), you must obtain permission to do so prior to the shoot. I will take no responsibility for any infractions occurred as a result and will not be liable to any legal action.

  • If, for any reason I am forced to terminate a session due to any ILLEGAL/OFFENSIVE/DISRUPTIVE action/s or similar, which is the result of the client/s, refunds or reschedules of any kind will not be granted.

  • Any damages to my equipment incurred by the client/s or accompanying persons and/or animals will be solely their responsibility for any and all repairs and/or replacements necessary.


Equipment Failure

  • Any failure of any of my equipment is out of my control and I will not be held liable for any problems or inconvenience that may arise as a result. The session will be rescheduled at no extra cost to you or you can request a full refund.



  • Customers will receive a MINIMUM of five (5) images for a one hour session.

  • PORTRAITURE photos will take approximately two (2) weeks to process. CREATIVE and HALF AND HALF photos may take longer.

  • Based on equipment, ability and other factors, the photographer may not be able to fully realise your request, though all attempts will be made to do so. Some items/colours, etc, may not be included if the photographer feels it doesn't add to the creative flair of the image.

  • All photos will be available for viewing online on the ZENFOLIO site, WWW.BELINDAANTONENKOPHOTOGRAPHY.ZENFOLIO.COM.

  • Customers will receive a USB of their photos in the mail. Please allow approximately two weeks from when they are available online.

  • Customers will also receive 20% any paper, canvas, acrylic glass or aluminium print/s they purchase within 2 months of the photos being available online. All orders MUST be made and PAID for through Zenfolio or in person. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for your prints to arrive after ordering. Discount DOES NOT apply to Postage.

  • Print colours may vary from the website.



  • Please note that some of your images may be used as part of my portfolio on sites including, but not limited to Zenfolio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and National Geographic, but will never be used or sold to any other parties without notification.

  • All photos, forevermore, remain the property of Belinda Antonenko Photography and can ONLY be used for personal use. You cannot use, sell, or distribute any of my photos without my prior written consent.

  • If you are a company, you must disclose that you are a company prior to booking a session and may only use my photos for the intended purpose of your business and cannot use, sell, or distribute any of my photos in other form or manner unless it is under the banner of your company without express written consent prior to any unauthorised uses.



Please note that the Terms And Conditions are subject to change at any time without any prior written notification.