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New Creative Edits! Whoo!!! I've been working on this for the last couple of months and I'm really excited to finally be able to present to you the next level in my creative portraiture photography. 


This is just a little taste of the edits I have done. I will be uploading more every so often and can't wait to show you.


I really hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed editing them, and would love to shoot you and create badass custom edits for you. Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions.

Over and out,



P.S - The studio digs now have air-conditioning so no more drowning in sweat stuff going on.)

P.S - I blame Final Fantasy for this entirely. :P #inspiration

RebellionRebellionCreative Edit

EquilibriumEquilibriumCreative Edit


Dad 01Dad 01


Creative EditCreative Edit
  VenganceVenganceCreative Edit
CombustionCombustionCreative Edit


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Ipswich Sunrises Sometimes, very rarely though, I am actually up at sunrise. I really should be more, because I just love the calm of breaking light. It really feels like you have entered into a calmer world, and all life's problems seem, at least temporarily, diminished. For some reason, sunrise gives you a sense of place and belonging in the world, and somehow makes you appreciate the scale of the universe. Deep, I know, but it is ever so powerful and soothing to the soothing... Now enough with that random mindlessness, here are a couple of pics I snapped on one the the few mornings where I didn't indulge in my favourite passion of sleep. :P


Main DragMain DragIpswich, Queensland, Australia

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Sleeklens I discovered Sleeklens about a month ago, I'm really glad I did. I absolutely love them even though I have only tried them on a handful of pictures. They are super simple to install and use, and I love the way enhance my photos in a number of different ways, and the instructional videos are really simple to follow and it gives amazing results. It's a great tool even if you aren't a professional photographer and just want to enhance your images. I'm particularly fond of the Soft Golden Hour. I'm really glad I took the plunge and discovered it. Definitely worth the price of admission. It's helped me improve my photography tenfold. See my pictures below 



Sleeklens Actions

Sleeklens Adventure Actions

Sleeklens Editing Service


Currumbin Beach SunriseCurrumbin Beach SunriseFrom Currumbin Rock, Currumbin, Queensland, Australia
Foggy NightsFoggy NightsIpswich, Queensland, Australia
David Trumpy BridgeDavid Trumpy BridgeIpswich, Queensland, Australia
Lion's Lookout RotundaLion's Lookout RotundaQueens Park, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Lions LoookoutLions LoookoutQueens Park, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

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Happy New Year!!! Happy New Year everybody. I hope this year has started off wonderfully for you all, and I really hope you haven't broken your new years resolutions yet? :P I wouldn't say I've broken some of mine, just sort of deviated a bit... with a hard left. 


In between "bending" some of my resolutions, working on others and falling face first into my pillow, I have been fast at it making many exciting changes to my photography business, the first being that I've dropped the prices of my photoshoots, as well as amending the Terms and Conditions which they are bound by. 


I've also been testing some awesome new programs, which I am really excited to show you, which should hopefully be ready come February, *Fingers Crossed*, but a lot of it depends on an order that I think has gone screwy... hopefully it'll get sorted soon. :)


In the mean time, New Years pictures! I deviated from the usual Brisbane and headed off to Coolangatta to see out last year, and welcome in the new one. There was a minor car crash, a near punch up, illegal fireworks, random sprinkler action, some seriously questionable drunks after the sober scattered after the fireworks, a guy parked the wrong way on a roundabout, a very mi;d case of mistaken identity, and the most beautiful sunrise to welcome in the new year.


New Year Fireworks 2017New Year Fireworks 2017Tweed Heads Fireworks From Coolangatta Beach, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Coolangatta, New Year Fireworks!!!Coolangatta, New Year Fireworks!!!Coolangatta Beach, Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Currumbin Beach SunriseCurrumbin Beach SunriseFrom Currumbin Rock, Currumbin, Queensland, Australia


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My Favourite Recent Pics My Favourite recent pics. :) Transformative Crystal BirdTransformative Crystal BirdComposition by Belinda Antonenko.

As an end user, you may not in any way extract, reproduce or use any part of this composition separately.
UnicornsUnicornsComposition by Belinda Antonenko.

As an end user, you may not in any way extract, reproduce or use any part of this composition separately.
Japanese GardenJapanese GardenToowoomba, Queensland, Australia Cherry BlossomCherry BlossomCarnival Of Flowers, Queensl Park Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia Humpback WhaleHumpback WhaleOff Of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Cherry BlossomsCherry BlossomsCarnival Of Flowers, Queens Park, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia Vibrant SunsetVibrant SunsetRosewood, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

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Deposits for Portraiture Photography I have now made it so you can only pay a $50 deposit instead of the full payment for all photography session packages. The remaining payment must be paid at the photo shoot prior to the session starting. I had also amended the Terms And Conditions to reflect the changes. 


In addition to that, I have condensed many of my folders which means that some of the links I have providing previously, whether that be on this blog, or on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, may not work. The photos are not gone, they have just been moved. I hope that the way I have done them now makes it more convenient finding photos in the future. I apologise for any inconvenience.


Thank you, 

Belinda :)

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Introducing Portraiture Photography Hello!


It's been a while since I blogged, but I'm back with some exciting new developments! Not only will you have noticed I've completely reworked the site, which with a horrific internet connection, wasn't exactly a walk in the park, but thanks to very frequent visits to places with free wifi, I've managed to do not only that but have also been quietly and secretly making adjustments to accommodate my exciting expansion into portraiture photography.


In an even bigger addition to my two previous additions, I will not only be offering regular Portraiture sessions but also Creative shoots, which offer a fun, different and unique variation to the conventional portrait photos. I also do Half and Half Packages, as an in between option.


Below are some examples.



  Portraiture EditPortraiture Edit

Creative Portraits

Creative EditCreative Edit


As an introductory offer, I'll be offering 25% off all packages. Simply type in the code Intro716 in the coupon section in the checkout to see your discount. No exception will be made for any errors/ failure to include the coupon code. Note: Offer does not include additional travel. Offer ends on August 31st 2016, and sessions must be booked before then. 




Head on over to to see some examples.

Check out to view package details.

For Terms and Conditions, see

For Trading Hours, visit

And to book, go to


For any questions, feel free to contact me. (Please be patient with replies. My internet hates me...)





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I'm Back! After an extended leave due to a personal matter, I am happy to say that I am finally back. Thank you all for your patience and support and for sticking with me, except for that one person who unfollowed me. Glares. Just kidding. :P. 


I also just wanted to say that I dedicate all my photographs and artworks to my big brother, Brian who was always the biggest supporter of my photography. Much love Brian. :) 


I hope you enjoy my new photos of Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. :)

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Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2016!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and an awesome New Year, and with a new year comes new things. So, in addition to changing the 5 to 6 at the end, I'll also be adding new items, so I hope you'll stick around for those :) 

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End Of Year Sale!!! It's the end of the year, and almost the beginning of a new one and to celebrate, I'm having a sale! $30 off for any orders over $100 and $75 off for orders over $300. This is for a strictly limited time, and ends January the 5th, 2016.

Simply select the picture/s you want and the format/s you want them printed on, then proceed to the checkout. In the section marked Coupon Code, type in 30OFF for the $30 discount or 75 off for the $75 discount. 

Note - Orders can consist of several different pictures and or sizes, but the total order needs to be over $100 or $300 before the discount applies. Please be sure you input the correct code, as exceptions will not be accepted. Putting the $75 discount in an order less than $300 will result in no discount, however, putting the $30 discount in an order over $300 will still apply, but only $30. Shipping costs are additional and do not form as part of the order.

Sundale BridgeSundale BridgeSouthport, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Pacific Motorway, Queensland, AustraliaPacific Motorway, Queensland, Australia

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Looking for a last minute Christmas present? I have several prints available now for pickup from Ipswich.


Sea Of Mountains View - 8"x12" Acrylic Glass - $45.00

Macaw - 8"x12" Acrylic Glass - $45.00

Bridge to Nowhere - 20"x40" Canvas - $160.00

Bridge To NowhereBridge To NowhereComposition by Belinda Antonenko.

As an end user, you may not in any way extract, reproduce or use any part of this composition separately.

Horses At Sunset - 16"x20" Canvas - $75.00

Bremer River In Flood - 12"x18" Canvas - $50.00


Trail Blaze - 12"x18" Canvas - $50.00

Trail BlazeTrail BlazeMt Edwards, Moogerah, Queensland

Champion - 12"x18" Canvas - $50.00

If you are interested in these, please email me at so you won't be charged delivery and to arrange confirmation and the pickup location for a cash payment. If you do want to pay via card, you will have to go through the normal process and you will be charged delivery, however, I can refund you when you pick it up. Just be sure to state in the comments sections that you want one that is available now, otherwise it will be taken as a new order and it will take approximately four weeks to arrive.


Note - I will not be available on Christmas Day or New Year's Eve or Day.


Alternatively, you could send me a private message through Facebook -


Thank you, and happy holidays!!!




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City Hall Light Spectacular It was cited as the shining jewel in this years Christmas events and festivities, and it was certainly not disappointing. A really fun, cheerful, and best of all free light show projected on one of Brisbane's most famous landmarks was most definitely spectacular and with the solar powered Christmas Tree next to it, it was a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.


It runs from 7.30pm to midnight everyday from now on until Christmas Eve, so be sure to put this on your Christmas calendar. :)

Hope you like them. There's a total of 10 Light Spectacular pictures in the Christmas folder,


Christmas is certainly getting close. I hope you've donned your Christmas hat, put up all the decorations and started the wrap the presents, and are getting into all things Christmas-y. :) Have a wonderful season everybody. :)

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Springbrook National Park The stunningly beautiful Natural Arch at Springbrook National Park. This area is separate from the main area of the national park which is a dead end, but has many beautiful natural features, but the Natural Arch is located on the main road between the Advancetown Lake/ Hinze Dam in Queensland and Murwillumbah in New South Wales.

The short and easy shady circuit takes in views from both sides from above as well being allowed to go inside the cave where the water falls in.

Stay until night time and you'll be rewarded with tens of thousands of glowing lights which are glow worms feeding, though I thoroughly recommended going very late at night or early morning as there are many, many tourist tours that come for the glow worms on top of the regular visitors who illegally shine their torches inside and on the walls which inhibits the glow worms feeding cycles and causes them to dim their lights, which also ruins the experience for you. I'll definitely be going back at in the early hours when it's at it's quietest and darkest and hopefully bring back some pictures, but in the meantime, I recommend you visit there too. One of my favourite places. :)


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The Granite Belt - Stanthorpe, Girraween And Tenterfield Headed south on a long overdue trip, to the Granite Belt with a packed itinerary, but to be honest, it was way, way, way too much to do for 3 days in such a renowned corner of our state and I knew that. Can't blame me for trying though :P. It probably didn't help that everything was so beautiful and for someone who likes to stop and smell the roses, and explore and linger…. yeah, there was a lot of lingering (twiddles thumbs innocently). It was also cut short by an infected toe, but I'm already planning to go back, because I didn't get to do even half of what I would have liked too, and it would be a shame to not go back to what has to be one of the best national parks I've been to. :)

Went down the Cunningham Highway and New England Highway straight through a much traversed through Warwick and turned right at Thumlimbah, where a giant apple stands, through the pretty locality of Pozier, which is packed with apple orchids, though theres no apples to accidentally drop off into your hand on the unfenced ones at this time of year :P 


Also went to Passendaele's Transmission Tower, which the back of the map said had a pretty view, so unless I went to the wrong one on the circuit drive, it didn't have a view. The tower itself was slightly unusual but unremarkable. The area though is really cool with granite boulders just everywhere. Easy to see why it's called the Granite Belt.

Headed back to Pozieres, then south to Donnelly's Castle which is a reserve set aside in the memory of original settler Ned Donnelly, which I didn't think would be anything significant, but boy was I wrong. 


The boulders from the outset were nice, but just getting to walk amongst them up close and personal was really cool and awe inspiring. Just wondering how they all take on the same rounded shape, and the clean cuts where they have sheered off, it was like an enormous puzzle, and you're wondering if a chunk is going to fall off while you're there, perhaps on you. Definitely wondering how they stay balanced and don't topple over.

There was also lots of colourful birds that come very close, and there a pretty nice view from the lookout too.


And then there was an awesome cave, which is less a cave, and more going in and between, and over and under massive boulders that are about the width of a hallway or less but it's so much fun to climb all over them. My favourite was getting on my hands and knees to crawl between a gap (a bit to the left of the gap in the second picture below, only smaller), then later trying to get on top of a boulder wedged between two massive boulders (second picture), then falling on my ass because I couldn't get on it. :P


I had no idea what to expect from this place which I had just read off the back of a map. I thought it would probably take about 20 minutes and I'd be off. Four hours later!!! :D A definite recommend. 

Traveller's Tip - Always allow lots of time for things to be unexpectedly awesome. I was planning on getting to Girraween at about 10am-ish, after a 4am start. I ended up getting there at 4pm!!!

Next, Stanthorpe. Checked out the lookout at Mt Marley which has great views across the township from the east, but unfortunately trees are view blocking the main attraction, Girraween. Still worth the look. I'm pretty sure you can see Sundown National Park though.

Also checked out the Soldier's Memorial which back along is on the same road, which is a really nice commemoration to our fallen soldiers of the first World War, which is only enhanced by the boulders surrounding. Seriously, these things are everywhere!!! :) It's a bit off the side of the road, so you'll have to keep you eyes peeled. If you're heading towards Mt Marley, it's on the right, and if you're heading back it's on the left.

I was going to head to the Red Bridge, but daylight was running out. I'd also been told at the Information Centre that the historical Red Bridge had been painted white. What? So I gave that one a miss. One for when I haven't run out of time. :)

Finally headed to Girraween via King Storm Dam, but I missed an exit and ended up on the back up on the New England Highway, but that was okay because I got to get the Stanthorpe sign. Yes, I admit it, I'm a sucker for pretty town signs. It's a sickness. :P

King Storm Dam wasn't anything significant, but it beats the highway and it's a nice little stop if you want to do a bit of fishing. Also, walking your dog from inside your car seemed popular too. Also got to pass through Eukey, which was where there was a lot of snow recently.

The road just before you reach the New England Highway at Ballandean leads you to a Pyramid, which is not as big as the one's in Egypt, but is still impressive and stands out well from the surroundings, so you can't miss it, not that you'd want to. :)

Next up, I finally get to Girraween!!! It was pretty much night when I arrived, and it was definitely night before I'd picked a spot at my haunt at Bald Rock Creek Camping. Putting the tent up in the night is becoming a theme. I'm so good at it, that the one time I actually arrived somewhere before night, I put the tent up wrong #fail. I picked a nice little spot with a whole heap of boulders as a backdrop. Note: While the toilet and shower facilities are excellent, there is no power there. I know that it is an unpowered camping site, but when I called to ask about charging batteries, the ranger said there was power. Spent so much time going back and forth between my camp site and the Castle Rock Camping and Caravan area which did have power points to charge my camera battery.

It took a while to get the fire started, because this was my first time doing a wood fire BBQ, I totally messed it up, so I was pretty much freezing there waiting endlessly for relief from the bitter cold (genius idea to go in the peak of winter!!!), and to make matters worse, there was a sneaky thief lurking in the moonlit night. A possum!!! Okay, who am I kidding? It was the cutest, most adorable creature I've even seen, and the best thing was that it wasn't scared at all, even when I had my very bright headlight directly at it, and it came incredibly close. Less than two feet, and it kept trying to steal my bread!!! It had almost got it too, but it was busted!!! It was also great to head it go up a tree, then it came back down low with its head out, trying to get that bread. Such a fabulous close encounter of a wild animal that I've never seen before. Definitely one of the highlights. :)


The next day, late again, I headed out to do one of the 5 tracks I's intended to, but only two of which were done. The Junction is an easy 5.2km return track which follows the Bald Rock Creek until it intersects with Ramsay Creek but is really impressive and pretty. There are steep granite areas you can climb to get a view of the area, but they are optional. They're also very slippery when when as I hilariously discovered when my knee met with the granite. Impressive granite boulders litter the sides of the river, and small waterfalls make it really inviting to go for a swim. You know when it's not absolutely freezing in the middle of winter. Definitely a must for summer though. Just a gorgeous area. 

Next Up, track 2 of 2: the Pyramid Track (3.6kms Return). It was a bit of a push to get this one before sunset because, like usual, time is not my friend and seems to go WAY too fast. Doesn't help that the Junction track was so pretty and all you want to do is linger. There is a great view of the mountain you are going to climb from the area around the information centre, and there is a gorgeous area of the upper Bald Rock Creek that you pass along the way. I opted to go via the impressive Granite Arch which is also an easy walk. The first half of the Pyramid track is also very easy, then there's the 100 or so steps. ARGH!!! It doesn't help that you have useless cardio and are trying to beat the sun and having a break is hardly an option. I sure as hell got a workout there. It's pretty much murder of the legs, but boy it is awesome. Everywhere here is awesome, dammit!!! Despite my efforts, I didn't get quite get a full sunset, but I got last lights, which was just as beautiful as it was absolutely mind numbingly freezing!!! Even with three layers of pants and four layers of tops. The almost full moon and the amazing view and the stars made it absolutely glorious. I did climb the rest of the pyramid, but I didn't take my camera, because it's it very steep and I really didn't want anything to happen to it, but the already amazing experience from being lower down was only heightened so much more. Absolutely magical. The highlight of an already amazing trip. <3 Walking back by moonlight was amazing too. :)

Last day at the beautiful Girraween National Park. Got up at 4.40am-ish and got the fire roaring and cooked some marshmellows. Oh man they are amazing if you've never tried them. I had the Pascall Berry Swirls ones. They caught on fire a lot, but after you remove the horrendously tasting blackened crust they are like gooey, melt in your mouth chunks of heaven. Om nom nom. Lots of early morning wildlife, minus the ever present kangaroos, but I had a kookaburra land on my tripod. :)

Headed to the border town of Wallangarra, where there's a massive billboard train, and a border marker, and a historical railway station. 

Tenterfield in New South Wales is a much prettier town than Stanthorpe, with the entry road lines with Avenue Of Honour styled trees and historical buildings. The town is known for being a federation town along with Parkes and Cowra where Sir Henry Parkes delivered a speech that lead to the "Birth Of Our Nation". Headed straight for Thunderbolt's Hideout on the way north back to Brisbane via Queen Mary Falls, which is an awesome known hideout of bushranger Fred Ward. Not as impressive as Donnelly's Castle, but definitely worth a look. 


I was running out of daylight, so instead of heading up through Queen Mary Falls way, I headed back the way I came, via Tenterfield and Stanthorpe. Noticed an F1-11 memorial on the way back into Tenterfield. And it had perfect lighting. :)

Even though it was cut short, I had a great time exploring nature in the one of the most picturesque places in south east Queensland. My highlights, of which there are many, was the Pyramids walk at night, Donnelly's Castle, the Junction, the marshmellows, the freezing cold (unpleasant but at the same time refreshing, and I've never seen so much of my breath :D) and the possum!!! I've still got to all the other walks to do at Girraween, I didn't even get to touch Bald Rock National Park, but then there is also Sundown National Park, not to mention a few other places I wanted to visit but never got the time to, so I'll definitely be back. :)

For all the pics go here

Thanks for reading. :) And if you have any travel suggestions for the south east area, I'd love to hear them :)


Happy Travels. :)


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Gone Camping Heading down south to do some camping and hiking, so I'll be away for a few days, but i hope to come back with some great pictures. Stay tuned. :)

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20 days of Specials It's the end of the financial year and until the end of June, I'm having a random sale!!! The only catch is that the special changes each day and i can't tell you what they are. :) Today's code is RAN, which you will need to enter in the coupon section in the checkout. I'll be telling you the new codes each day on my Facebook ( and Twitter (


The sale is available for all canvas, aluminium, glass and ordered before the end of June. Happy shopping :)


Note: I can only ship to Australia. No exceptions for not putting the coupon code in or putting it in after it expires at midnight AEST (QLD). Some discounts may have spending and usage limits.


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30 Days of Photos For the entire month of June, I'll be uploading a new picture everyday. Well as much as i can, because sometimes my net is horrible!!! I hope you enjoy them. :)

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Easter Sale From today, St. Patrick's Day, 17 March, to Easter Monday, 6 April, I'm have a 20% off ‪#‎photographysale‬, which applies to almost everything including my new digital edits. The only exclusion is digital downloads. 

Just enter EASTER20 in the coupon section in the checkout to get your discount. Happy shopping.

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Introducing My Digital Edits I'm excited to introduce you to my digital edits. I really love how they came out so there will be many, many more to come. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. :)


Look FotografíaLook Fotografía Bridge To NowhereBridge To NowhereComposition by Belinda Antonenko.

As an end user, you may not in any way extract, reproduce or use any part of this composition separately.

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